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High-Risk Investment Warning: There is a risk associated with investing. Trading cryptocurrencies and/or forex, CFDs, and spread betting are extremely volatile, have a high level of risk, and are not appropriate for all investors. You may lose your entire capital. As a general guideline, you should only trade in digital assets that you are familiar with and are aware of the risks involved.

You may potentially lose more money if you use leveraged trading products like CFDs. Please bear in mind that cryptocurrency CFDs are unregulated in the United Kingdom, as per PS 20/10. This implies that suppliers based outside the UK are not permitted to sell CFDs to UK investors. We do not accept UK clients. Traders must conduct business with such services at their own risk.

Each trader's journey is distinct. Your outcomes will differ based on your amount of training, dedication, and hard effort, as well as timing. Before you invest any money, make sure you have a steady flow of income, complete your research or get advice from a personal account manager.

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We are not financial advisors or planners, and we do not provide personal investment advice. The content we display on the Site is for educational purposes only.

Although trading can be profitable if you are cautious and conduct your research about the market, it is worth noting that all trading is not 100% risk-free. It is also possible that cryptocurrency trading is not for everyone.

CFD trading entails significant risk and is not suited for all traders/investors. CFDs (contract for differences) are over-the-counter derivatives with a high degree of leverage. You might lose a lot more than your initial profit, and you may lose your entire capital. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has started restricting the selling, marketing, and distribution of CFDs on digital assets, as specified in PS20/10. As of January 6, 2021, UK’s FCA banned direct marketing of CFDs that reference cryptocurrency.

The examples on our website are not typical. Every trader’s journey is unique. Be sure you have a complete understanding of the dangers involved in trading. If you do not take the time to learn about cryptocurrencies and the market, the dangers are much larger. Before you begin your cryptocurrency trading journey, we urge that you obtain independent expert advice if necessary.


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