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This Cookie Policy page owned by Bitcoin Investor (“our,” “we,” “us”) is used to describe to our users what cookies are active on our Site and what purpose they serve if anyone decides to use our Service and access the Site.

This Cookie Policy should be read in tandem with Bitcoin Investor’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. You agree to the terms of this policy if you want to use our Service. The terms used in this Cookie Policy share the same definitions as those in our Terms and Conditions unless otherwise stated in this Cookie Policy. Discontinue using our Service if you do not agree to any terms stated in this policy.

About Cookies

A cookie is a tiny piece of data that a website sends to your browser and saves. It serves the goals to remember information about you and track your website activity. A cookie can also be referred to as an HTTP cookie, internet cookie, web cookie, and browser cookie.

What Cookies Does Bitcoin Investor Use?

Bitcoin Investor uses the following types of cookies:

  • Permanent Cookies - which mainly support the proper operation of our Site and collect sensitive information such as login and anti-fraud data. For the stated purposes, you cannot disable this type of cookie.

  • Third-Party Cookies - which are set by websites other than the one you are now viewing. If you turn them off, a website will not be able to track your online activities, e.g., navigating from page to page.

How These Cookies Are Used

Bitcoin Investor uses Permanent Cookies for the following objectives:

  • Personalising and modifying our content to fit your prior visit

  • Allowing you to browse our website easily

  • Building a mutually beneficial relationship with any referring trading platforms or third-party referrers who sent you to us

  • Making sure you do not have to fill out the same questions more than once

  • Providing you access to whatever information you need while you are with us

We also use Third-Party Cookies for the following objectives:

  • Examining our Site’s operation and content

  • Monitoring the performance and usage of our Site

  • Conducting surveys to ensure that you get the greatest experience possible when using Bitcoin Investor

Be advised that non-PII could be collected via permanent and third-party cookies.

How Do I Manage or Refuse the Use of Cookies?

We recommend setting your Cookie options if you do not want Cookies to be installed on your device. You may follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch your internet browser.

Step 2: Find where cookies are kept.

Take a look at some popular browser manufacturers\' cookie management guides:


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (Mac)

Please take note that while disabling cookies in your browser may increase your privacy, many websites require cookies to work effectively.

Are you cautious? Please contact the Bitcoin Investor team if you have any questions or concerns.